Victoria Slopitch

VSL E Division 
 2018 Schedule     Click for download of schedule 
DATE DAYHome AwayField
April24TueVandelay IndustriesvsQuadra Village Garbage BirdsHeywood
April25WedSmall Town DogsvsBarracudasHeywood
April26ThuCentra PanesvsEl ChupacabrasTopaz Blanshard
April26ThuCastle CharactersvsCity Hall Bawl'azHeywood
May4FriQuadra Village Garbage BirdsvsBarracudasTyee Rd
May7MonEl ChupacabrasvsSmall Town DogsMacDonald Park 1
May7MonCity Hall Bawl'azvsCentra PanesMacDonald Park 2
May8TueQuadra Village Garbage BirdsvsCastle CharactersMacDonald Park 2
May9WedBarracudasvsVandelay IndustriesHeywood
May10ThuCity Hall Bawl'azvsSmall Town DogsHeywood
May14MonCastle CharactersvsBarracudasMacDonald Park 1
May15TueCentra PanesvsQuadra Village Garbage BirdsMacDonald Park 1
May16WedVandelay IndustriesvsSmall Town DogsMacDonald Park 4
May17ThuCity Hall Bawl'azvsEl ChupacabrasMacDonald Park 2
May22TueBarracudasvsCentra PanesMacDonald Park 2
May22TueQuadra Village Garbage BirdsvsCity Hall Bawl'azHeywood
May23WedSmall Town DogsvsCastle CharactersHeywood
May24ThuEl ChupacabrasvsVandelay IndustriesHeywood
May29TueEl ChupacabrasvsQuadra Village Garbage BirdsMacDonald Park 2
May29TueCentra PanesvsVandelay IndustriesHeywood
May30WedCastle CharactersvsVandelay IndustriesMacDonald Park 1
May31ThuCity Hall Bawl'azvsBarracudasMacDonald Park 2
May31ThuCentra PanesvsSmall Town DogsHeywood
June4MonCastle CharactersvsEl ChupacabrasMacDonald Park 2
June5TueBarracudasvsQuadra Village Garbage BirdsMacDonald Park 4
June6WedVandelay IndustriesvsCentra PanesHeywood
June7ThuSmall Town DogsvsCity Hall Bawl'azHeywood
June12TueEl ChupacabrasvsBarracudasMacDonald Park 1
June12TueQuadra Village Garbage BirdsvsSmall Town DogsHeywood
June14ThuCity Hall Bawl'azvsVandelay IndustriesHeywood
June15FriCentra PanesvsCastle CharactersMacDonald Park 1
June18MonEl ChupacabrasvsCentra PanesMacDonald Park 2
June19TueBarracudasvsSmall Town DogsMacDonald Park 4
June19TueQuadra Village Garbage BirdsvsVandelay IndustriesMacDonald Park 2
June21ThuCity Hall Bawl'azvsCastle CharactersHeywood
June25MonVandelay IndustriesvsBarracudasMacDonald Park 2
June26TueCastle CharactersvsQuadra Village Garbage BirdsTopaz Blanshard
June26TueSmall Town DogsvsEl ChupacabrasMacDonald Park 4
June28ThuCentra PanesvsCity Hall Bawl'azMacDonald Park 2
July3TueQuadra Village Garbage BirdsvsCentra PanesHeywood
July4WedBarracudasvsCastle CharactersHeywood
July5ThuEl ChupacabrasvsCity Hall Bawl'azHeywood
July6FriSmall Town DogsvsVandelay IndustriesTyee Rd
July9MonCentra PanesvsBarracudasMacDonald Park 4
July9MonCastle CharactersvsSmall Town DogsMacDonald Park 2
July10TueVandelay IndustriesvsEl ChupacabrasMacDonald Park 4
July10TueCity Hall Bawl'azvsQuadra Village Garbage BirdsMacDonald Park 2
July13FriEl ChupacabrasvsCastle CharactersTyee Rd
July17TueBarracudasvsCity Hall Bawl'azMacDonald Park 2
July17TueQuadra Village Garbage BirdsvsEl ChupacabrasHeywood
July18WedVandelay IndustriesvsCastle CharactersHeywood
July19ThuSmall Town DogsvsCentra PanesHeywood

 Playoffs July 23 to August 9 Double Knockout Format

 Aug 11 Saturday VSL Wind-Up Party @ TBA 7:00 pm


victoria sloppitch


Victoria SloPitch


Victoria SloPitch