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Who we are

The South Island Women’s Slopitch League was founded in 1998. Our league was created by women, for women of all skill levels who love the game of Slopitch. The South Island Women’s Slopitch League is an inclusive league and welcomes any player who was born or identifies as female.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, fair play environment while enjoying the social and competitive aspects of the game of Slopitch.


1.1 In these Bylaws, unless the context other requires: “the League” means the South Island Women’s Slopitch League; “Society Act” means the Society Act of British Columbia, as amended from time to time; “Registered Address” of a member means the member’s address as recorded in the register of members; “Executive” means the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Past- President of the League, as appointed/elected under this Bylaw; “Members” means registered players; “Team Representative” means the person appointed under these Bylaws to attend meetings and vote on behalf of their team.

1.2 The definitions in the Society Act apply to these Bylaws, unless otherwise defined in this Bylaw.

1.3 Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa, and words importing the male person include the female person.


2.1 Each new season, the League will consist of all teams that played in the League in the previous season, provided that they:

a. Wish to retain their membership;

b. Agree to abide by the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations; and

c. Are members in good standing.


2.2 New teams may apply to the League by submitting as expression of interest by mail or email to any member of the Executive prior to the Annual Spring Meeting.

2.3 New teams must submit a performance bond of $100.00 with the deposit, to be maintained each year.


2.4 To be a team in good standing, the team must meet the following requirements:

a. Have no outstanding monies owed; and/or,

b. Have not caused their own disbarment or suspension through disruptive actions in the League.


3.1 The Executive of the League shall consist of the following elected officers:

a. President;

b. Vice President;

c. Secretary;

d. Treasurer; and e. Past President.

3.2 Four (4) Directors will be elected, each of whom will hold the position of:

a. Schedule Scorekeeper;

b. Field and Equipment Manager;

c. Player Agent; and

d. Public Relations Officer.

3.3 For greater certainty, Directors are not considered to be part of the Executive.

3.4 The duties of the Executive are attached as Appendix A to these Bylaws.

3.5 The Past-President shall serve for one year in an advisory capacity, as a non-voting member.

3.6 Any member of the League may be nominated for a position on the Executive. However, those nominated for the position of President must have served in some capacity on the Executive or as a Director at least once in the past five years.

3.7 The Executive shall have the power to fill any vacancies which may exist and any such vacancies will be filled until the end of the term that should have originally been served.

3.8 Each member of the Executive, except the President and Past President, has the right to vote on any matter at the Executive Meetings or at any other meeting of the League.

3.9 The President may only vote when it is necessary to break a tie.


3.10 Each team will submit the name, address and telephone number of a Team Representative at the Annual Spring Meeting.

3.11 Team Representatives cannot be members of the Executive.

3.12 Each team is represented by one vote which is carried forward by the Team Representative to meetings.

3.13 Additional duties of the Team Representatives are attached as Appendix B to these Bylaws.


3.14 Notice may be given to a Team Representative, either personally, by mail or e-mail, to the Team Representative’s Registered Address.

3.15 Notice of any meeting must be given no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date.


3.16 An Executive Meeting may be called by the President.

3.17 Notice of the Executive Meeting shall be given to all members of the Executive and each Director at least one (1) week prior to the date of the meeting.

3.18 Any member of the Executive, who absents herself from two (2) regular and/or Executive Meetings, without having been granted a leave of absence by the Executive, shall cease to be a member of the Executive.

3.19 All Executive and Directors present at the Executive Meeting shall be entitled to one vote.


3.20 The Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) is to be held between January 15 and March 15 of each year. At that meeting, new and existing teams must make a non-refundable deposit towards their entry fee of $250 dollars.

3.21 The Annual Fall Meeting (AFM) will be held between September 15th and November 30th of each year. At this meeting, any amendments to the Constitution will be voted Upon. The Executive will also outline plans for the upcoming season and distribute information to the Team Representative that should be considered before the ASM.

3.22 A General League Meeting (other than the ASM and AFM) may be called at anytime by the President provided proper notice is given.

3.23 Failure to have a team representative at either the ASM or the AFM will result in a $50 fine to the team’s performance bond. If a team misses both the AFM and the ASM the team can be ejected from the League. *New January 21, 2017


3.24 A quorum at any ASM, AFM or General League Meeting shall be a majority of voting members attending that meeting. a. Voting members include: the Executive (not including the President and the PastPresident) and the Team Representatives, who have one vote per team.

3.25 All votes will be taken after a reasonable discussion of the issues.

3.26 At the ASM, AFM and any General League Meeting, each team with voting privileges will have one vote.

3.27 Votes may not be cast by proxy.


4.1 The Vice-President and Treasurer shall be elected for a two-year term on the odd numbered years.

4.2 The President and Secretary shall be elected for a two-year term on the even numbered years.

4.3 The Directors shall be elected for a one-year term.


4.4 Nominations for all positions will be submitted to the President at the AFM.

4.5 Nominations can be for any number of positions and must be made by a Team Representative in good standing and seconded by the same.

4.6 A majority on the Executive cannot be from one team.

4.7 Voting will occur at the AFM. For each position being voted upon, the Team Representative will cast one (1) vote per team.

4.8 In the event no nominations are received for a position, the Executive will seek volunteers for acclamation. If the position cannot be filled with volunteers, the Executive will seek to appoint individuals.

4.9 In the event that the positions cannot be filled by any of the above means, the Executive will call an emergency meeting in December to discuss the feasibility of the continued existence of the League.


4.10 The members may, by Special Resolution, remove an Executive member, before the expiration of her term, and may elect a successor to complete the term of office.

4.11 Notice of Special Resolution for expulsion must be accompanied by a brief statement, in writing, of the reasons for the proposed expulsion.

4.12 The person who is the subject of the proposed resolution for expulsion must be given an opportunity to be heard at an Executive Meeting before the Special Resolution is put to a vote.


4.13 At the discretion of the President, a committee may be struck to deal with any issue or function the President or Executive feels is necessary. The Committee Chair will report to the President.


5.1 The entry fee will be recommended by the Executive and put to a vote at the ASM.

5.2 The entry fee is to cover the operating expenses of the League for the upcoming season.

5.3 The Treasurer will give his best estimate for the revenues and expenses to be covered.

5.4 Team Representatives will have a chance to study and question the estimates prior to the vote being called. GAME FORFEIT/FINE BOND

5.5 A game forfeit/fine bond recommended by the Executive and agreed upon at the AFM shall be added to the entry fee and payable with the entry fee.

5.6 Should the bond be exhausted, the Treasurer will inform the Team Representative and a new game forfeit/fine bond will be posted prior to the next game or within 72 hours, whichever is later. Game forfeiture will be assessed until the new bond is paid and at the discretion of the Executive the team may be ejected from the league.

5.7 Any team having outstanding monies owing to the League at the time of the ASM will not be permitted to pay their entry fee until such monies are paid.


5.8 All League accounts will have co-signing power. All cheques issued by the League must be signed by the Treasurer and Vice President or President.

5.9 No cheques may be signed blank. When signed, the cheques must be filled out completely, containing the date, amount, payee and encoded to indicate the reason for the payment.

5.10 The Treasurer’s report will be submitted at regular and other League meetings and shall be a formal accounting document. Failure to do so will cause the Executive to immediately investigate.

5.11 It is advised that all League financial transactions be conducted in cheques form receipts will always be expected and will be filed for future reference.

5.12 No members, Directors or Executive may, on behalf of or in the name of the League, borrow monies for the purposes of the league.


6.1 Notice of proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be given no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date at which the amendments are to be considered.

6.2 Each amendment, whether separately or in block form, shall be put to a vote. Acceptance of such amendments shall require consent from a majority of those voting members in attendance at a meeting, provided that there is quorum.

6.3 In order for the League to be maintained, seasonal amendments may be put forward by the Executive during the year at any Executive Meeting. Acceptance of these amendments shall not form a part of the Bylaws until it has gained the majority vote at the AFM.

6.4 A Team Representative can suggest an amendment but only the Executive can put it before a meeting for a vote.

6.5 It is understood that the Bylaws will be enforced to the letter. Ignorance of any part(s) of the Bylaws shall not be considered valid grounds for infractions.



1. The President shall:

a. Chair all meetings.

b. Call meetings of the Executive and the League, as she deems necessary and subject to the requirements of these Bylaws and the Society Act.

c. Represent the League at any functions requiring a representation from the League.

d. Ensure that all Executive members are fulfilling their obligations.

e. Assign additional duties to other Executive members, as she deems necessary.

f. Receive, conduct and report on all League correspondence.

2. The Vice President shall:

a. Report all fines to the Treasurer once a week.

b. Ensure that there is a quorum at all meetings.

c. Be responsible for the collection and distribution of all League trophies and awards.

d. Perform other functions as required by the League and the president.

3. The Secretary shall:

a. Record and distribute minutes of all League and Executive Meetings.

b. Conduct the fall elections in terms of ballot distribution and voting procedures.

c. Maintain files with accurate records of all meetings, League correspondence, trophy winners, championship teams and eligibility lists.

d. Collect, process and distribute team contact lists.

e. Where feasible, keep the membership informed of the League happenings.

f. Perform other functions as required by the League and the president.

4. The Treasurer shall:

a. Be responsible for all financial matters of the League, which includes League fees and fines.

b. Keep an accurate record of fines levied and informs Team Representatives of their bond balance at each League meeting. Collect new fine bonds as deemed necessary.

c. Keep accurate and updated records of League finances and report it to the Team Representatives at each League meeting.

d. Submit an annual financial report for the previous year to the incoming Executive at the Annual Fall meeting.

e. Deposit cheques required for fees in a timely manner.

f. Perform other functions as required by the League and the president.

5. The Past President shall:

a. Act in an advisory capacity on all League matters, for one year following her retirement.

b. Perform other functions as required by the league and the President.



Each Team Representatives shall have the following responsibilities:

a. Act as liaison between their respective teams, the players and the Executive;

b. Ensure that all members of their team are aware of the contents of the League Constitution, the League Bylaws and Rules and Regulations;

c. Carry their team’s vote at all League meetings (one vote per team);

d. Distribute information concerning League rules to their teams and ensure that they are carried out in a sportsmanlike manner;

e. Sign all protests made by the team and submit such to the Executive.

f. Attends all League meetings, or if unable to do so, appoint an alternate Team Representative from their team;

g. Be responsible for all duties associated with game cancellation and rescheduling for games involving their team;

h. Submits information to the Player Agent concerning their team, i.e. changes to the roster; and

i. Perform all other functions as required by the League or the President.



1. The Scheduler/Statistician shall:

a. Adapt a playing schedule for season (league, playoffs and icebreaker/ tournaments)

b. Record all game scores

c. Keep accurate record of team standings and send to public relations officer for the website

d. Winner/loser calls in scores (to be determined by Executive)

2. The Player Agent shall:

a. Assign and record roster numbers to each team

b. Arrange a scheduled time to collect and mail to SPN their copies

c. Photocopy each team roster x2 and to return a copy to each team

3. The Fields/Equipment Manager shall:

a. Maintain existing equipment (bases, ropes, markers, hammers, baseballs and trophies)

c. Update and repair equipment as necessary

d. Ensure fields are maintained (ie. garbage pick-up)

e. Arrange field rental (season, playoffs and tournaments)

f. Development of new trophies and awards

g. Prepare budget request for each new season, to be submitted to the Executive for approval

4. The Public Relations Officer shall:

a. Bring knowledge of our league to the general public

b. Maintain website

c. Encourage ways for other players to contribute to our website

d. Help co-ordinate possible fund raising efforts and possible League sponsorship

e. Encourage growth of our league