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Rules & Regs

SIWSL Rules and Regs Amended 11.05.22

1.0  Official Softball Canada Rules. These Rules and Regulations serve to supplement Official Softball Canada Rules.  All Team Reps and team members are expected to be familiar with Official Softball Canada Rules and these Rules and Regulations.

2.0  On The Field

2.1  The Umpire will be in full charge of the game and will be given due respect. Where these Rules and Regulations are silent, the umpire will exercise his authority in accordance with Softball Canada Rules. Only the coach or Team Representative will be allowed to make representation to the Umpire and this must be done in a sportsmanlike manner. 

In the event of an umpire “no show” teams are to self-ump until the umpire arrives. If the umpire is absent from one or both games team reps must inform the league president.  New January 20, 2018    

2.2  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any player so charged will be suspended for the remainder of the game and will be suspended from playing the next succeeding game. The incident will be reported and recorded by the Executive.  A second infraction will result in the player and coach appearing before the Executive for further action. 

2.3  Intent to injure is a discretionary call by the Umpire. Any player so charged will be suspended for the remainder of the game and will be suspended from playing the next succeeding game. The incident will be reported and recorded by the Executive. A second infraction will result in the player and coach appearing before the Executive for further action. 

2.4  Any infraction that may jeopardize property of residents will not be tolerated. Offenders will be called before the Executive for further action. 

2.5  Teams are responsible for the conduct of all their spectators with regards to the abovementioned rules.

2.6  Minimum Players. Amended January 19, 2019 

Each team will consist of a max of 10 female* players on the field. In the event that a team only has nine players in attendance, the nine players may play and the team is not required to take an automatic out for their missing tenth player.

*The South Island Women’s Slopitch League welcomes any player who was born or identifies as female.

2.7  Courtesy Runners.  Unlimited from any base.  Any player listed in the line-up can run.  

2.8  Home Run Rule.  Amended October 13, 2018

All fenced fields – Home runs are limited to 3 per team. The “Catch Up-Plus One Rule” shall be enforced after a team has reached the three (3) home run limit. Once both teams reach their respective home run limits, either team may hit an additional home run; however, no team may ever go more than one home run up on the other team. Any additional home runs above the one-up rule will be scored as a strike. Teams must keep track of home runs hit by opposition to ensure accuracy.

*A home run is defined as a ball that is hit over the fence without touching a defensive player. If the ball touches the defensive player before going over the fence this is scored as a four (4) base error and does not count toward the offensive teams’ home run limit. In the park home runs are also not to be counted towards the offensive teams’ home run limit.

 2.9  All regular games will consist of seven innings except where a tie occurs. In the event of a tie, a maximum of two additional innings will be played (time permitting) and if the tie is broken at the end of either overtime inning the game is over. If the game remains tied at the end of nine complete innings, a tie is declared and each team is awarded one point. The game will end after four innings of play if there is a run difference of 15 runs or after five innings of play if there is a difference of 10 runs. 

2.10  No first game shall exceed the time of 7:20pm; and no inning is to be started after 7:05pm. Second game will start at 7:30pm, allowing a 10 minute break between games. 

2.11  Innings one through six are restricted to five runs per inning. The seventh inning or final inning and any extra innings have no run restriction; they will be played as open innings. 

2.12  Uniforms.  Minimum requirement will be a uniform shirt of similar color and design. 

2.13   Jewelry.  Plain wedding bands, plain necklaces free of pendants and charms worn under the uniform, medical alert ID bracelets and necklaces are legal but should be worn or taped to the body as not to present a hazard. All body piercing (permanent or otherwise) must not be looped in any way. A body piercing that is a “Post” type piercing with no dangling parts and no looping parts and no loops whatsoever are legal if judged by the umpire to not present a danger to any participant. Casts (plaster, metal, or other hard substances), or other items judged dangerous by the umpire may not be worn during the game.

2.14  Softball Canada does not recognize the use of the commitment line, therefore the SIWSL will no longer apply the use of the commitment line rule. New October 13, 2018

2.15  Foul Tip Rule New July 20, 2021. A foul tip (a batted ball that goes sharply and directly to the catcher’s hand or glove and is legally caught) is a foul ball and is to be considered an out

3.0  Game Results 

3.1   Reporting Scores.  The winning team is responsible for reporting the score to the League Statistician within 48 hours.  

3.2  Defaults.  Failure to field a team at the official start time will result in a default with the opposing team being awarded a win by seven runs and two points for the win. All defaults must be reported by the winning team to the Statistician the night of the defaulted game no later than 10:00pm. Failure to report the game as a default will result in the game being a tie.  

Defaulting games will result in the following action: 

(a)  First offence – charge will be equal to the umpire cost for a single game for the current season
(b)  Second offence – charge will be equal to the umpire cost for a double header for the current season
*Fines will be deducted from the team’s $100.00 performance bond, which will have to be replenished to be in good standing. 

3.3  Rain-Outs.  Rain-out games will be called at the field of play as agreed upon between the umpire and both team captains; umpire will have the final decision. Full teams must be present and prepared to play or a default will be charged.  

3.4  There will be no re-scheduling of games as the schedule and budget do not permit. A point will be awarded to each team on rain-out games. 

4.0  Registration 

4.1  The League requires a deposit of $250.00 at the Annual Spring General Meeting. The deposit in non-refundable.

4.2  Outstanding fines must be received by the Treasurer at the last League meeting before the new League season begins.

4.3  NSF cheques must be replaced immediately by cash or certified cheque with an additional $40.00 service charge.

5.0  Rosters

5.1  All players on the team must be on the team roster.

5.2  Teams will provide the League Player Agent with a team roster before May 31st of the current season.  

5.3  Teams must inform the League Player Agent of any changes made to the roster during the season.

5.4  A maximum of twenty (20) players can be on the team roster. Additional players can be added at the cost of three (3) dollars per player.

5.5  Players can be removed from the roster to allow for new players in order to stay under the maximum of twenty (20) without cost, but once a player is deleted from a team roster she is not allowed to re-sign on that team’s roster during the current season. 

6.0  Player Eligibility   

6.1  Player must be on the team roster to be eligible to play in the League.

6.2  A minor aged player who has or will attain the age of 16 years in the current calendar is eligible to play with a written consent form signed by a parent or guardian and sent to the Player Agent.

7.0  Insurance 

7.1  It is up to the individual player to file an incident report within 30 days of the date of the injury and request a Claim Form from the Insurance Provider.  It is the responsibility of each team and/or member to familiarize themselves with the accident claim procedure. File a claim regardless of nature of injury as the injury may resurface at a later date. The South Island Women’s Slopitch League is not responsible for submitting claims on behalf of players. *Amended January 20, 2018

8.0  Equipment 

8.1  Balls. The Worth Hot Dot 11” softball is the official ball to be used throughout League play.  

*Amended Jan 21, 2017

8.2  The League will provide each team with a supply of new game balls. It is the responsibility of the home team to provide one new game ball and one back-up ball in good condition before each game. 

8.3  It is the team’s responsibility to supply a First Aid Kit. 

8.4  Cleats.  No metal cleats or screw-in cleats are allowed in any division of Slopitch softball. 

8.5 Bases.  Amended November 5, 2022
The home team is to supply and set-up bases and strike mat for League games. Baselines of 60 feet. *See diagram on last page

8.6  The League will supply and set-up bases for Ice Breaker and Play-offs. 

8.7  Bat Rule.  All bats must carry the ASA, ISF or USSSA certification mark (old or new) and be acceptable for Slopitch play. * Amended April 24, 2014.

8.8  Helmet Rule.  New October 21, 2017

In all play, a CSA approved double ear flap batting helmet is mandatory for batters, on-deck batters and base-runners.

Failure to wear the batting helmet when ordered to do so by the umpire shall cause said player to be declared out.

If a batter or runner loses the helmet while proceeding to first base or running the bases and the act is unintentional, there is no penalty. If a batter or runner deliberately removes the helmet, this is an act of interference by the offensive player (called by the umpire) and the above rule of “failure to wear” applies.

8.9 Strike Mat Rule. Amended November 5, 2022

Each team must provide a strike mat for home game set up with bases, if a v-mat is used, the plate will be included in the strike zone. If a full mat is used that covers the plate (24” x 36”) the entire mat will be a strike.

9.0  Team Standings 

9.1  After completion of all League games, if any teams are tied, the order to which the tie will be broken is as follows: 

  1. Head to Head
  2. Fewest Runs Against
  3. Most Runs For
  4. Coin Toss.