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VSL 2023 playoff schedules


A  Division – schedule
B  Division – schedule
C  Division – schedule
D  Division – schedule
E  Division – schedule

Playoff Tie breaker rules:
Scenario A – game is 1st or 2nd game of two games scheduled at that field, see details below.
Scenario B – only one game is scheduled to be played at that field, see details below.
Scenario C – worst case, game called to darkness or other, see details below.

Scenario Athe game is the 1st or 2nd game of a double header game night so only time for 1 extra inning.
The extra inning begins
with both teams batting order reset to top-of-the-order, 1 out, base runner at 2nd base (from batting line-up).
  Please note: If this base runner is due up to bat while still on base, umpire shall call an out and base runner removed.
a. Scoring – maximum of 3 runs can be scored. Important – each team to take note of runners left on base at end of inning when umpire has stopped play. If more than 3 runs are scored, the extra runner/s are considered still on the bases for the point system. Example: 2 runs already scored with bases loaded, a home run is hit.  The inning will end will max 3rd run scored with runners left on 3rd, 2nd and 1st for the points system of runners left on base.
b. Points system – if score tied after extra inning, then go to point system for runners left on base:
runner left on 1st awarded 2pts
runner left on 2nd awarded 3pts
runner left on 3rd awarded 4pts
Add up points. Team with most points declared winner.
c. Coin Toss – if points are tied, then go to coin toss, best 2 out of 3 as follows:

Umpire flips a coin, while in the air, home team calls ‘heads’ or ‘tails’.
Umpire flips coin again, while in the air, opponent team calls ‘heads’ or ‘tails’.
If after coin tosses teams are still tied, umpire declares a team ‘heads’ and the other ‘tails’, then flips coin to determine winner.
  Please note: Tossed coin must land on the ground at or around home plate sand area, not grass.
Scenario B – single game, only game scheduled at that field:
extra inning begins with last batter up at 2nd base and no outs.  (batting order continues from last inning, not reset)
b. play extra innings until winner or completed bottom half of inning just before or after 8pm, if still tied then:
c. go to Scenario A tie breaker rules
Scenario Cworst case, game is still tied and called due to darkness or other, then Coin Toss as per Scenario A Part C.