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Rules & Regs

VSL Rules & Regulations (Nov 2023)

Approved equipment:

VSL approved bats, click on this link:  Approved-bats-2024

VSL balls – Worth SPO Hot Dot.


1.1. League Registration fee, contact league for current cost.

1.2. Performance Bond: If a team leaves the league the remaining portion of the bond is returned. Any fines levied against a team are taken from the bond and must be replaced when the next season’s fees are due. Any team exceeding $100 in fines in one season will have their membership in the league put under review by the executive.

1.3. Team roster must be received no later than May 31 to receive insurance coverage. The roster must have each player’s first and last name and email address. You cannot play with out insurance, do not jeopardize your players or others, submit your roster on time.

1.4. Players may only play on one team in the VSL. Exception-If Team A has only 8 players, Team B has the option of lending player/s to Team A. It would be considered an official game.

1.5. A player must play in at least 6 league games and be on the roster to be eligible for the playoffs. Be prepared to substantiate any complaints challenging your team’s players eligibility for playoffs.

1.6. Field rules-Topaz Glasgow(right field embankment)-ball hit to the right of tree stump-ground rule double if ball rolls up or lands on embankment. For ball hit to the left of the tree stump-live ball. Heywood Park(right field)-ball hit over the fence is an out, ball to left of fence umpires call for ground rule double or homerun.

1.7. Umpire no-show – if by 6:15 pm umpire is a no-show, team batting will supply an umpire for each game. Notify Gabe by email for financial compensation for self-umped games.

1.8. Ambulance calls – insurance covers partial or full cost depending on situation, give relevant details of injury and location only.


2.1. The official league balls are the Worth SPO Hot Dot Optic 12 inch and 11 inch, teams are supplied balls prior to start of season.

2.2. Bat Policy – Approved bats must have USSSA Stamp also known as the thumb print.

2.3. It is the responsibility of each team to supply a first aid kit for their team.

2.4. Slo-pitch Footwear – no metal cleats or screw-in cleats are allowed.

2.5. All divisions – when a female is at bat the 11” ball will be used (the batter retains the option to use the 12” ball-advise the umpire before the first pitch)

2.6. All teams must carry their own set of bases and cones (4) to EACH game. All bases must be pegged with 2 heavy duty spikes (not the cheap triangular ones that come with the bags when you buy them) If a team’s bases are found to be in disrepair condition a warning will be given by the umpire and if not fixed by the team’s next game a fine may be assessed.


3.1. Have fun, enjoy yourselves and please respect the umpires calls.

3.2. The umpire will be in full charge of the game and will be given due respect. The umpire will exercise their authority in accordance with VSL Rules first then Softball Canada Official Rules when necessary. Only the coach or captain will be allowed to make representation to the umpire and this must be done in a courteous manner. Intent to injure is a discretionary call by the Umpire and will be reported to the VSL executives.

3.3. Any player so charged by the Umpire will be suspended for the balance of the game and shall be suspended from play in the next succeeding game. The incident will be recorded and reported to the Executive. A second infraction will result in the player and coach appearing before the Executive for further action. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

3.4. Any infractions that may jeopardize property or the safety of residents will not be tolerated. Offenders will be called before the Executive for further action.

3.5. Teams are not to remain on the fields after the completion of the last game- ensure area is clean of garbage.

3.6. Teams are responsible for the conduct of all their spectators with regard to the above-mentioned rules.

3.7. Fielding Team: All divisions-Each team will field a total of 10 players consisting of a maximum of 7 males and a minimum of 3 females. A team may play with 9 players provided that at least 2 are females. The tenth batting position will be an automatic out until the tenth player arrives. The umpire shall be informed of this prior to the batter in the ninth position coming to bat. Substitutions: A male or female may replace a male player but only a female can replace a female player. A maximum of 3 male players in a row(including when the line up turns over).If Team A has only 8 players, Team B has the option of lending 1 player to Team A. It would be an official game.

3.8. NEW – Forfeit: A $100 fine will be levied for forfeit of both games of a doubleheader. More than 2 instances of fines being levied may result in the team being suspended. Failure to field a team at the official Start Time will result in a default with the opposing team being awarded the win 7-0. Failure to field a team to play the 2nd game of the doubleheader within 30 minutes of the official Start Time of the 1st game will result in a 2nd default (forfeit) with the opposing team being awarded the win 7-0.

3.9. Updated 2024 – Extra hitters. Teams may start with extra players, 11 or 12 batters. At least one of the extra batters must be female. The entire game must also be played with the number of batters started with. If a player is removed and can’t be legally replaced then the spot becomes an automatic out. Substitutions: A male or female may replace a male but only a female may replace a female.

3.10. All exposed jewellery such as watches, bracelets, earrings, piercings, chains or any other items considered inappropriate by the umpire may not be worn during the game-Medical alert chains or bracelets are exempt.

3.11. Courtesy runners-Revised-Unlimited courtesy runners can be used at any base.The courtesy runner does not have to be the last available batter.A courtesy runner can only run once per inning unless the team goes through the batting order in which case the same courtesy runner may run again.Exception:If a team has no female spares then the umpire may allow an exception.Male or female for male but only a female may run for a female. All players on the lineup card(including spares on the bench) are eligible to be courtesy runners.

3.12. If an umpire calls “illegal pitch” and the batter does not swing it is called a ball. If the batter swings, the ball is live. If the umpire calls “no pitch” the ball is dead, the count remains the same and no runners may advance.

3.13. Updated 2024 Walk rule – If a male batter is walked and a female batter is following, the male will be awarded second base.

3.14. Home plate rules: The runner must only touch the second home plate or cross the scoring line- runner touching the main plate will be called out. There is no commitment line-the runner may go back to third base.

3.15. REMOVED 2024

3.16. NEW for 2018-When the batting team is playing with an automatic out,the defensive team(with 2 out) may not walk the batter preceding the automatic out. Should this occur then the automatic out position will not be enforced and the next batter in the order will come to the plate.If the walked batter was a male and the auto-out position was female then the male batter would be awarded second base.(If the auto-out position was male then the preceding batter would be awarded first base.

3.17. The batter will be called out hitting a foul on third strike.

3.18. The home team will provide a new game ball and a back up ball.

3.19. The pitcher can only take one step when pitching. The pivot foot must be kept stationary.

3.20. The arc of the pitch must be a minimum of 6 feet to a maximum of 12 feet from the ground. Pitching distance is 50-60 feet from the back of home plate.

3.21.  Strike Call – NEW 2021 – any legal pitch of the ball landing on any portion of the plate or “V” notch strike mat.

3.22. All games will consist of 7 innings(or less at umpire’s discretion; official time is umpire’s cell phone – games may end in a tie. Mercy rule-The game will be declared over if one team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 5 or 6 innings(can be 4.5 if home team ahead)

3.23. 5 run limit for innings 1-6;the 7th(or final) inning and extra innings are open.

3.24. Inclement weather/rain – teams must show to the field and decide with the umpire the field conditions. Every effort must be made so as to play the games.

3.25. Blood rule: Bleeding players: Any player who is bleeding and is determined by the umpire to be able to continue will be given a reasonable amount of time(umpire’s discretion) to tend to the injury. Any blood stained clothing must be removed.

3.26. New: Helmet rule: In all play, a CSA approved double or single ear flap batting helmet is mandatory for batters, on-deck batters and base-runners. Failure to wear the batting helmet when ordered to do so by the umpire shall cause said player to be declared out. If a batter or runner loses the helmet while proceeding to first base or running the bases and the act is unintentional, there is no penalty. If a batter or runner deliberately removes the helmet, this is an act of interference by the offensive player (called by the umpire) and the above rule of “failure to wear” applies.

3.27. Leadoff rule: A runner can step off base following a hit pitch or when ball has crossed the plate. If batter has swung through without a hit, runner returns to base.


4.1. No player should wear ragged, frayed or slit sleeves.


5.1. All protests must be brought to the attention of an appointed committee which will consist of at least 3 executive members. Both teams must submit a written report within 72 hours of the game.

5.2. Batting line-up card handed to the umpire prior to the start of the game must have players first and last name.


It is up to the injured player to file an Incident Report within 30 days of the injury and request a Claim Form. The player should file a claim regardless of the seriousness of the injury in case it flares up at a later date. Note that loss of wages may not be claimed. Contact Dennis Sam ( ) for claim information. No deductible is charged.