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Derek MathiesenI am new to Victoria and am looking to join a semi competitive mixed team. I have played Division 1 mens league, mixed rec league and modified slo pitch in Edmonton for the last 20 yrs. I have my own bats etc..
3 weeks ago
Nathan FrazerI'm a 21 year old male new to Victoria, originally from Saskatchewan. I would like to play somewhat competitively but also looking to have some fun too. I can play wherever in the field and am a fairly solid hitter as well. Would prefer a younger team if possible but whatever works.
1 month ago
NolanI’m 43 male, played competitive and rec fast pitch as pitcher from teens until my early 20’s. No organized league play since then, but lots of goofing around and coaching kids teams.

I’m easy going and would fit best on a team that likes to have fun and play well but not too concerned about winning or losing. I can throw, catch, and hit ok. I’m happy to play any position.
1 month ago
RyanNew to town, looking for a team. Have 20 years of baseball infield experience and a few years of softball under my belt. Also up for any BP I can get if people are interested. I have a bunch of bats and balls.
1 month ago
Grace CHi folks - My partner Mike and I have moved back to Victoria from Calgary and are looking for a rad co-ed team to play with.

Me: gal - 15+ years of slopitch experience - love playing field, but will fill whatever role the team needs

Mike: guy - 15+ years of slopitch experience plus a ton of competitive fastball as a kid - experienced in centre field but can and will play wherever

Us: We are positive, athletic, and dependable team members. We are always up for a parking-lot pop after the game!

We have played at all levels, and are comfortable stepping onto the field in any division. The most important thing for us is that the team is fun and supportive!
1 month ago
Scott FieldHey,
I am looking to play fastpitch or softball. I have over 20 years experience playing both. Open to both competitive levels and fun levels, I just want to be out on the field!
I can play any position you need (except pitcher for fastpitch).
Open to sub or full time position. Let me know what you need.

1 month ago
JennHi! I am a lady looking to play some ball :) 43 years old, played competitive fastpitch growing up, been playing slo pitch for 15+ years now. Just moved back to the Island (Victoria) and hoping to find a team I jive with. Can play 1, 2, 3 or Rove...and catch if needed. Email or phone is fine (I still have my AB phone # FYI). Thanks!
1 month ago
JohnHi! I'm a 30-yr old male player looking for a slowpitch/fastpitch team to join. I moved to Victoria a year ago, and I have 5-6yrs of slowpitch and fastpitch experience. I would be open to anything in terms of competition level, I just want to play some ball!
1 month ago
LeonaExperienced female player. Can play any position (except pitcher) but have played mostly 3rd for the past 15 years. Took a few years off to work in wildfire but I’m back and looking for a team of fun (not crazy competitive) people. I played rep fastball as a kid but am just looking to have fun now.
1 month ago
Samantha MearowHi!
My friend Riley and I just moved to Victoria and we are looking for a coed team to join for the summer!
Riley is 26 and she enjoys playing mostly field positions and I am 27 and prefer playing second, but we are both open to playing other positions.
We’ve been on a slo-pitch team together for the past four years, in Rec B/C/D
We would love to be able to even spare throughout the season if there are no openings.
We would prefer to play together but don’t mind playing for different teams!
1 month ago
TNew to the area looking for a team to play/spare for. Any position except pitcher.
1 month ago
Kyrie MelnyckHey folks! I'm newish to the island and looking for a SIWSL team to join if possible. Open to mixed recreational as well :)

I've played Slopitch rec ball before and grew up playing fastball competitively for years but it's definitely been a while since I've picked up a glove. Happy to play any position aside from pitching!

If there are any spots open (and we have a season this year) I'd be super pumped to join ya, please feel free to reach out!
1 month ago
Warren DeanHi there!

My fiance and I have recently relocated to Victoria and are looking for a new team to play on! I'm very experienced and can play any position while Jen is newer to the game but a natural athlete and does very well. We're looking to join a fun crew that competes but isn't OVER competitive. Please think of us if you're looking for a couple of new additions.
2 months ago
Sarah PhippsHey! I'm a 19 year old female. I've taken about 3.5 years off from ball but I played both competitive fast pitch and recreational softball! I played for about 11 years as second base or right field! I'm looking to join any division, hoping to join a fun and outgoing coed team!
2 months ago
Brody CarrHello All!

i am a 25 year old male, 5'10 bout 155. i havent played ball competitively but have played other ports and am active and athletic! i just moved here from ontario and really looking to meet new people while getting some exercise! any information on joining a team for the fall would be great. i am in the north saanich region but can drive'!

Thanks !!
7 months ago
TrishJust moved to the area and looking to join a women’s team. My wife and I would both like to find a team that is fun and somewhat competitive. I pitch and play infield and Jayne can play anywhere but prefers infield. Looking for D/E level. We’ve been playing 20+ years.
9 months ago
VSAWelcome to the Players Forum!
1 year ago

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