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Victoria Slopitch League’s COVID-19 Plan for return to play of slopitch on City of Victoria fields (Updated June 1, 2021)

1.  All team reps/coaches are to communicate to all players the following best practices before commencing play, the training for Softball BC return to play guidelines is at this link:

2. Comply with all current governmental health regulations and protocols such as 2m social distancing and hygiene practices to prevent spreading of COVID-19: keep a safe distance, use a face mask where necessary, clean hands frequently, touching of items be kept to a minimum. Players should bring their own sanitizing wipes for wiping of hands and equipment during and after the game.

3. Medical Emergency Procedures:
– if a player requires medical assistance, each team will have a Designated Emergency Person (DEP)
– DEP is the primary person to attend the injured person requiring medical assistance.
– use proper ppe (gloves & face mask), administer use of first aid kit if necessary.
– call 911 if requiring ambulance or further assistance.
– take note of name of person (or persons involved), place, time, injury and assistance provided, fill out Emergency Action Plan Form (emailed). This information will be communicated to league executive within 24hrs or soonest.

4. Protocols for entire game duration:
– no spectators, unless the presence of the person is necessary in order to provide care to a participant.
– maximum amount of 50 participants total, 25 per team.
– 2m social distancing outside of play (when not on the playing field)
– masks are highly recommended when off of the field of play
– hands sanitized before entry to field and have hand sanitizer present at field.
– no team huddles, no hugs, no high five’s, no spitting, no physical interaction such as handshaking, no eating of sunflower seeds.
– VSL league teams only for game play and practices, no outside teams or participants.

5. Pre-game:
– team reps/coaches are to advise players that are ill not to attend and to follow Softball BC Illness Policy:
Sofball BC Illness Policy:
– any player exhibiting signs of illness at the playing field will immediately leave the premises, otherwise play is suspended
– no sharing of beverages and food, no coolers
– the use of masks is highly recommended when outside field of play
– pre-game warm ups at discretion of team while exercising “best practices”
– scorekeeper not to share (touching) of score-booklet

6. Game time:
– start of game, umpire and coaches will go over ground rules keeping 2m distancing
– batting lineups will not be exchanged, scorekeepers will confirm with umpire scores after each inning
– umpire, catcher and batter to try to stay 2m physical distancing
– base runners to try to run 2m behind catcher when scoring
– tagging should be with ball in glove only
– defensive team supplies balls, pitcher exchange big ball/small ball with catcher
– umpires are not to handle the ball
– wipe balls between innings
– person retrieving a bat should pick up by barrel only
– minimize sharing of equipment (ie bats), if sharing wipe down after each use
– umpire fielding calls, take the safest path with physical distancing in mind.

7. Post-game:
– wipe balls, bats and other touched items, sanitize hands
– keep area clean, properly dispose of any garbage
– leave field in a timely manner, no social gathering
– report any issues or recommendations to league executives

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