Victoria Slopitch League - VSL 2013 season

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Victoria Slopitch League - VSL 2013 season

Post by admin » Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:56 pm

A big welcome to all returning and new teams and their players to the Victoria Slopitch League for the 2013 season.

The VSL is now entering its 6th season, the roots of this League do go back as far as the early 80's!
For this season, the VSL has some new changes that should make this season the best yet.
Below are the the latest updates the VSL will be implementing for the upcoming season:

Division Structure 2013
Kirby's Divison (6&4) has 8 teams with 4 teams in Group A and B.
Teams play round robin within their respective group three times, once through other group, plus one game in the group.
Total of 14 doubleheader games.

The 7&3 teams play in A, B and C Divisions, each has 8 teams.
The schedule will be a round robin twice within the division - Total of 14 doubleheader games.

VSL Standings
Teams enter their scores which the website automatically updates the standings.
Added is the ability for a team to delete an incorrectly entered score or date.
In addition to the standings, clicking on a team shows a history of games played.

Big ball/Small ball
The small ball is 11" for female batters and big ball 12" for male batters.
The VSL uses the Worth SPO Optic ball for League play, check it out here:

Bat Committee
Banned batlist is posted at the VSL website, ASA stamped bats are approved in the VSL.
If you have any questions regarding bats, the bat committee
will field all questions and are responsible for determining bats unsafe for VSL play
and will update the VSL banned bat-list as required.

New Rules 2010
Here is a recap of the new rules:
If a team is short players, the other team has the option to allow spares to play for that team to avoid forfeit of the game.
A team will be fined if a no-show. The fine will be paid to the other team, this fine is paid out of a performance bond.

Umpires Fees increased
The VSL is very proud and supportive of its Umpires which number among the best and most experienced that Victoria has to offer.

Field rates
- Field rates increased
As of 2010, the City of Victoria is implementing a increased field rate to be more in line with
rates charged by other municipalities. The field rate will gradually increase over a three year period.
Due to the increase in field rates and umpires fees, fees have increased accordingly.

VSL Sponsors
-Kirby's Source for Sports
We welcome and are pleased to have Kirby's Source for Sports returning as a VSL sponsor. Kirby's has an
experienced staff and are a leader for the best sports equipment in Victoria. Kirby's also is a major supplier
for all team apparel. C
Check out Kirby's latest line of bats, shoes and gloves!
Kiryb's Sports is located at 894 Cloverdale Ave (Blanshard at Cloverdale) call 250-480-5030

We're happy to report no rate increase for insurance this year.

The above is intended for general information purposes only.
We wish all teams a safe and fun season of playing slopitch for the VSL 2013 season!


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