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Victoria Slopitch Association

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League List
  Victoria Slopitch League 
      Crown Royals 
      Brew Jays 
      Big Ol Hitties 
      Riot Squad 
      Brew Crew 
      Swimco Kingfishers 
      Master Batters 
      Drive Smarters 
      Vic City Ehs 
      Cuban Hustlers 
      Hecklers Bar n Grill 
      Mad Dogz 
      The Legends 
      Island As 
      Base Invaders 
      Waddling Dog Greasers 
      Slip n Sliders 
      Risky Business 
      Centra Panes 
      Bawl az 
      Chew Diggers 
      The Runs 
      Quadra Village Garbage Birds 
      Campus Low Ballers 
      Vandelay Industries 
      Small Town Dogs 
      El Chupacabras 
      Electric Eels 
      Castle Characters 
      Scared Hitless 
      Diamond Divas 
      Island Sea Gals 
      Victoria Cougars 

Victoria Slopitch League
B Division

Master Batters431044376
Brew Crew420233256
Drive Smarters624064794
Vic City Ehs422051384
Hecklers Bar n Grill624047574
Swimco Kingfishers422034344
Cuban Hustlers613253764
Cuban Hustlers Games Played List
2019-04-24 1 10 13 L Saints
2019-04-24 2 14 13 W Saints
2019-05-06 1 6 6 T Brew Crew
2019-05-06 2 6 6 T Brew Crew
2019-05-15 1 10 26 L Vic City Ehs
2019-05-15 2 7 12 L Vic City Ehs
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