Victoria Slopitch

Crooked Goose

VSL  C Division
 2019 Schedule     Click for download of schedule 
DATE DAYHome AwayField
April23TueWaddling Dog GreasersvsBase InvadersTyee Rd
April24WedMad DogzvsBrewsersTyee Rd
April25ThuIsland A'svsThe LegendsTyee Rd
April26FriTuggernautsvsD.I.P.Tyee Rd
May6MonThe LegendsvsWaddling Dog GreasersMacdonald Park 1
May8WedBase InvadersvsMad DogzTopaz Sandbased
May8WedD.I.P.vsIsland A'sTopaz Glasgow
May10FriBrewsersvsTuggernautsMacDonald Park 2
May13MonIsland A'svsTuggernautsTopaz Blanshard
May13MonBase InvadersvsBrewsersMacDonald Park 4
May14TueWaddling Dog GreasersvsD.I.P.Topaz Blanshard
May15WedMad DogzvsThe LegendsMacDonald Park 4
May21TueBrewsersvsIsland A'sMacDonald Park 2
May22WedD.I.P.vsMad DogzMacDonald Park 2
May24FriTuggernautsvsWaddling Dog GreasersMacDonald Park 1
May24FriThe LegendsvsBase InvadersMacDonald Park 2
May27MonWaddling Dog GreasersvsIsland A'sTopaz Blanshard
May29WedBase InvadersvsD.I.P.Topaz Glasgow
May29WedBrewsersvsThe LegendsMacDonald Park 4
May31FriMad DogzvsTuggernautsTopaz Blanshard
June5WedD.I.P.vsThe LegendsTopaz Sandbased
June5WedIsland A'svsMad DogzMacDonald Park 4
June6ThuWaddling Dog GreasersvsBrewsersMacDonald Park 1
June7FriTuggernautsvsBase InvadersMacDonald Park 1
June10MonBase InvadersvsIsland A'sMacDonald Park 1
June12WedMad DogzvsWaddling Dog GreasersTopaz Sandbased
June14FriBrewsersvsD.I.P.MacDonald Park 1
June14FriThe LegendsvsTuggernautsMacDonald Park 2
June17MonThe LegendsvsIsland A'sMacDonald Park 2
June18TueBase InvadersvsWaddling Dog GreasersMacDonald Park 1
June19WedBrewsersvsMad DogzMacDonald Park 4
June20ThuD.I.P.vsTuggernautsMacDonald Park 2
June24MonWaddling Dog GreasersvsThe LegendsTopaz Blanshard
June26WedMad DogzvsBase InvadersTopaz Sandbased
June26WedTuggernautsvsBrewsersMacDonald Park 4
June26WedIsland A'svsD.I.P.MacDonald Park 1
July2TueThe LegendsvsMad DogzMacDonald Park 2
July3WedBrewsersvsBase InvadersMacDonald Park 1
July3WedD.I.P.vsWaddling Dog GreasersMacDonald Park 2
July5FriTuggernautsvsIsland A'sMacDonald Park 1
July10WedMad DogzvsD.I.P.Topaz Sandbased
July10WedBase InvadersvsThe LegendsTopaz Glasgow
July10WedIsland A'svsBrewsersMacDonald Park 1
July12FriWaddling Dog GreasersvsTuggernautsMacDonald Park 2
July15MonThe LegendsvsBrewsersTopaz Blanshard
July16TueD.I.P.vsBase InvadersMacDonald Park 1
July17WedTuggernautsvsMad DogzTopaz Glasgow
July17WedIsland A'svsWaddling Dog GreasersMacDonald Park 2

 Playoffs July 22 to August 8 Double Knockout Format

 Aug 10 Saturday VSL Wind-Up Party @ Shark Club Pub 7:00 pm


victoria sloppitch


Victoria SloPitch


Victoria SloPitch