Victoria Slopitch

Crooked Goose

VSL  B Division
 2018 Schedule     Click for download of schedule 
DATE DAYHome AwayField
May2WedBrew CrewvsRiot SquadTopaz Sandbased
May2WedMaster BattersvsSwimco KingfishersHeywood
May3ThuCuban HustlersvsHecklers Bar n GrillHeywood
May4FriDrive SmartersvsVic City EhsTopaz Blanshard
May9WedRiot SquadvsDrive SmartersTopaz Sandbased
May9WedSwimco KingfishersvsBrew CrewTopaz Glasgow
May10ThuHecklers Bar n GrillvsMaster BattersMacDonald Park 1
May11FriVic City EhsvsCuban HustlersMacDonald Park 1
May14MonMaster BattersvsVic City EhsTopaz Blanshard
May14MonCuban HustlersvsDrive SmartersMacDonald Park 2
May16WedSwimco KingfishersvsRiot SquadTopaz Glasgow
May17ThuBrew CrewvsHecklers Bar n GrillMacDonald Park 1
May23WedDrive SmartersvsMaster BattersTopaz Blanshard
May23WedHecklers Bar n GrillvsSwimco KingfishersMacDonald Park 1
May24ThuRiot SquadvsCuban HustlersMacDonald Park 1
May25FriVic City EhsvsBrew CrewMacDonald Park 2
May29TueMaster BattersvsCuban HustlersMacDonald Park 4
May30WedBrew CrewvsDrive SmartersTopaz Glasgow
May31ThuRiot SquadvsHecklers Bar n GrillTopaz Blanshard
June1FriSwimco KingfishersvsVic City EhsTopaz Blanshard
June6WedMaster BattersvsRiot SquadTopaz Sandbased
June6WedCuban HustlersvsBrew CrewTopaz Glasgow
June6WedDrive SmartersvsSwimco KingfishersMacDonald Park 2
June7ThuVic City EhsvsHecklers Bar n GrillMacDonald Park 1
June8FriRiot SquadvsMaster BattersMacDonald Park 1
June13WedBrew CrewvsMaster BattersTopaz Sandbased
June13WedSwimco KingfishersvsCuban HustlersTopaz Glasgow
June14ThuHecklers Bar n GrillvsDrive SmartersTopaz Blanshard
June15FriRiot SquadvsVic City EhsMacDonald Park 2
June19TueVic City EhsvsDrive SmartersMacDonald Park 1
June20WedSwimco KingfishersvsMaster BattersTopaz Sandbased
June20WedRiot SquadvsBrew CrewTopaz Glasgow
June21ThuHecklers Bar n GrillvsCuban HustlersMacDonald Park 1
June27WedDrive SmartersvsRiot SquadTopaz Sandbased
June27WedBrew CrewvsSwimco KingfishersTopaz Glasgow
June27WedCuban HustlersvsVic City EhsMacDonald Park 4
June28ThuMaster BattersvsHecklers Bar n GrillTopaz Blanshard
July4WedDrive SmartersvsCuban HustlersTopaz Glasgow
July4WedRiot SquadvsSwimco KingfishersMacDonald Park 1
July5ThuHecklers Bar n GrillvsBrew CrewMacDonald Park 2
July6FriVic City EhsvsMaster BattersTopaz Blanshard
July9MonSwimco KingfishersvsDrive SmartersTopaz Blanshard
July10TueBrew CrewvsCuban HustlersTopaz Blanshard
July11WedMaster BattersvsDrive SmartersTopaz Glasgow
July12ThuSwimco KingfishersvsHecklers Bar n GrillTopaz Blanshard
July12ThuCuban HustlersvsRiot SquadMacDonald Park 2
July13FriBrew CrewvsVic City EhsTopaz Blanshard
July17TueHecklers Bar n GrillvsVic City EhsTopaz Blanshard
July18WedCuban HustlersvsMaster BattersTopaz Sandbased
July18WedDrive SmartersvsBrew CrewTopaz Glasgow
July19ThuHecklers Bar n GrillvsRiot SquadMacDonald Park 2
July20FriVic City EhsvsSwimco KingfishersMacDonald Park 2

 Playoffs July 23 to August 9 Double Knockout Format

 Aug 11 Saturday VSL Wind-Up Party @ TBA 7:00 pm


victoria sloppitch


Victoria SloPitch


Victoria SloPitch