Victoria Slopitch

Shark Club

VSL A Division 
 2018 Schedule    Click for download of schedule
DATE DAYHome AwayField
May1TueDodgersvsWater BuffalosTop Blanshard
May2WedWombatsvsTitansTop Blanshard
May2WedCharrosvsBrew JaysTop Glasgow
May3ThuCrown RoyalsvsSultans of SwatTop Blanshard
May9WedBrew JaysvsWombatsTop Blanshard
May9WedTitansvsDodgersMacDonald Park 1
May10ThuSultans of SwatvsCharrosTop Blanshard
May10ThuWater BuffalosvsCrown RoyalsMacDonald Park 2
May11FriBrew JaysvsDodgersMacDonald Park 2
May16WedWombatsvsSultans of SwatTop Blanshard
May16WedCrown RoyalsvsDodgersTop Sandbased
May16WedBrew JaysvsTitansMacDonald Park 1
May16WedCharrosvsWater BuffalosMacDonald Park 2
May24ThuDodgersvsCharrosTop Blanshard
May24ThuSultans of SwatvsBrew JaysMacDonald Park 2
May25FriTitansvsCrown RoyalsTop Blanshard
May25FriWater BuffalosvsWombatsMacDonald Park 1
May30WedWombatsvsDodgersTop Blanshard
May30WedBrew JaysvsWater BuffalosMacDonald Park 4
May30WedTitansvsSultans of SwatMacDonald Park 2
May31ThuCharrosvsCrown RoyalsMacDonald Park 1
June6WedDodgersvsBrew JaysTop Blanshard
June6WedCrown RoyalsvsWombatsMacDonald Park 1
June7ThuCharrosvsTitansTop Blanshard
June7ThuWater BuffalosvsSultans of SwatMacDonald Park 2
June13WedTitansvsWater BuffalosTop Blanshard
June13WedWombatsvsCharrosMacDonald Park 2
June14ThuSultans of SwatvsDodgersMacDonald Park 1
June14ThuBrew JaysvsCrown RoyalsMacDonald Park 2
June18MonSultans of SwatvsWater BuffalosTop Blanshard
June20WedTitansvsWombatsTop Blanshard
June20WedWater BuffalosvsDodgersMacDonald Park 1
June21ThuBrew JaysvsCharrosTop Blanshard
June21ThuSultans of SwatvsCrown RoyalsMacDonald Park 2
June27WedDodgersvsTitansTop Blanshard
June27WedCrown RoyalsvsWater BuffalosMacDonald Park 1
June27WedWombatsvsBrew JaysMacDonald Park 2
June28ThuCharrosvsSultans of SwatMacDonald Park 1
July4WedTitansvsBrew JaysTop Blanshard
July4WedDodgersvsCrown RoyalsMacDonald Park 2
July5ThuSultans of SwatvsWombatsTop Blanshard
July5ThuWater BuffalosvsCharrosMacDonald Park 1
July11WedWombatsvsWater BuffalosTop Blanshard
July11WedCharrosvsDodgersMacDonald Park 1
July11WedCrown RoyalsvsTitansMacDonald Park 2
July12ThuBrew JaysvsSultans of SwatMacDonald Park 1
July16MonTitansvsCharrosTop Blanshard
July18WedCrown RoyalsvsCharrosTop Blanshard
July18WedDodgersvsWombatsMacDonald Park 1
July19ThuSultans of SwatvsTitansTop Blanshard
July19ThuWater BuffalosvsBrew JaysMacDonald Park 1
July20FriWombatsvsCrown RoyalsTop Blanshard

 Playoffs July 23 to August 9 Double Knockout Format

 Aug 11 Saturday VSL Wind-Up Party @ TBA 7:00 pm


victoria sloppitch


Victoria SloPitch


Victoria SloPitch